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a high-tech way to discover a territory

“Geocaching is a Treasure Hunt that
takes place in the Real world ...but reaches 
a whole new dimension of entertainment thanks to New Technologies.”

An unusual way to work with new technologies, discover a territory or a location, enhance the synergy of your team.


In this activity, we hide across a location (either outdoor or indoor) small boxes, which can be used to convey a corporate message or to
present participants with riddles and enigmas that will lead them to the next step in the game.

The cached boxes can be found by means of a GPS device, which we can set thus to create a path; once arrived at the location indicated by the device, participants will have to work together to find out the exact place where the box has been hidden.

This activity is extremely flexible and customisable.

…Ideal to help your staff experience a city or a territory.

………An unexpected diversion from a long company seminar or workshop.

……………An innovative way to generate a sense of attachment to your workplace.


Team Now is able to enhance this experience with the use of augmented reality technology and of real actors.


and discover how the customisation of this activity could answer your very own needs.

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