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Add color and nuances to your company in a creative team building.


With this team building activity the participants will create their own masterpiece through a teamwork  that will bring them to the realization of an artistic and colorful project.




Creativity in color

The key word is cooperation and not competition. The task is to bring to life a famous painting incorporating the company's mission.

Each team works on a "card" of the mosaic, not knowing what the final result looks like. At the end the painting is recomposed and presented with general astonishment: here is your great masterpiece.



Teams are advertising agencies. They have little time to design a publicity campaign in which the company's values are decline. After a quick brainstorming with the help of our trainers, each group designs the company's values. At the end the teams will present their projects to each others.


Comm art

Imagine great blank canvases; imagine colors, brushes, and a multitude of people dressed in white. Divided into teams, participants must realize a concept chosen in advance by the company, each group in their own way. Although the real training activity remains hidden until the middle path: the groups suddenly discover that their paintings are part of one great work. They will find a way to harmonize their work while keeping the identity of each group.


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color building
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