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Take the control of your drone and challenge opposing teams in a true top gun mission.


We will take your team out of their corporate comfort zone and enroll them in our Top Gun academy.
...Will they be able to live up to the name of Top Gun?

…...Will they be able to adapt to the new hierarchical structure?

……...Will they be able to understand that what makes up a Top Gun success story is not only the piloting ability of one, but much rather the hard and synergetic work of intelligence, flight assistance, search&rescue performed by the many behind and around the actual flight mission?


A team building that takes you into the future.

Two possible scenarios depending on budget and on the time available.


  1. The complete experience, flying it in the trials before the final bombing run.

  2. The half-day experience: a swift flight training, then a series of flight trials of increasing difficulty, plus other challenges used to spur groups to use all of the different competences available among them.


The activity will be designed together in order to respond to your very needs: do you want a ruthless competition among teams? Is the message you want to convey that, despite being competing against each other, teams are all part of the same “nation” and shall operate choices that benefit the greater overall good?

Our team of designers is able to tailor the activity around your true needs thanks to the use of rigged accidents, unexpected accidents, fine-tuned challenges, use of actors.


How much time will you allocate to training and how much to “fighting”? What roles will your “aircraft carrier” need? How will you allot people to roles? How will you support your pilots before and during their missions?

We can also make use of FPV (First-Person View) Goggles for an extra touch of technological amazement.


This team building activity, conceived by Team Now in 2017 basing on the experience with and the feedback gathered from its clients, is our best offer for those who want an “analytical” activity with a great dose of fun.







to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.

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