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Energy, cohesion, thrills and a thousand-year-old ritual to glue your warrior’s team together


Team building Haka brings the famous Maori dance that boosts the mighty New Zealand All Blacks before their international rugby matches.


The Haka originates from a thousand-year tradition of war dances, hard-rooted in Maori people’s traditions; not only were war dances yelled and played before clashes: they were and are recalled every time Community needs to hold tight before the hardships of life.


Today this type of war dance is mainly known thanks to the Haka, played by the New Zealand Rugby team before their matches to call in support from their ancestors, boost their own stamina and show off their unbreakable unity to the opposing team.


In this activity a real former Maori All Blacks international player will teach your staff how to properly dance and “feel” the Haka, explaining, bit by bit, the philosophical and ethic meaning behind each phrase.

Despite being a warrior’s dance, Haka conveys messages of unity, gender equality, unconditioned respect and devotion.


Let your team feel the thrill of shouting the Haka together in the face of their opponent!


It is therefore a dance that expresses the inner feeling of whom performs it, and can have multiple meanings. It is not, in fact, only a war dance or intimidating, as is often mistakenly considered, but may also want to be a manifestation of joy, of pain, a way of self-expression that leaves the individual making the moments of freedom of movement .


The Haka assumes multiple meanings.

It 'a dance

It' a manifestation

It 'a moment of group cohesion!


Tools used:

psychodynamic training, video sources, video footage, testimonials.







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Team Haka
Team building Haka
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