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olympic game
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olympic game

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As in the renowned Olympic Games, participants will have to succeed in a number of heterogeneous trials and the best team will be awarded.

Divided into teams, participants will compete in various athletic competitions consisting in a lot of funny sport games.


Corporate Olympics ignite the enthusiasm, improve the spirit and provide also the acquisition of skills useful for the business and the spirit of team. We provide a set of games played in teams to test physical and intellectual abilities of the participants. In the name of fun and involvement, the teams will compete in a series of games and problem solving activities designed to improve interpersonal skills and the achievement of goals. The activities are designed to increase the motivation and the strength of the team, as well as the right cohesion to achieve more challenging goals. The various teams will compete in tests that allow them to gather important points for the final result. The strategies and team spirit are the winning key-features for a great performance in games.


Many medals and a lot of laughter with your colleagues are granted, for a teambuilding event that promises to be remembered for a long time.





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