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The FIRST team building activity EVER based on the teachings of the great masters of Pointillism.


Collaborative creativity taken out of the comfort zone!


Hammers,screwdrivers, screws, nails, string, communication… This is what will make you an artist.

An activity that will put your creativity and synergy to the test.

Will you be able to envision a painting, your corporate logo, an image whatsoever, broken down into pixels? If so, will you be able to figure out how to render the different pixels through the length of nails in the board?
...Careful, though! Your board is just a part of the greater canvas; be sure to be using the same “pixel convention” as your other fellow artists!

An activity that is great for any location and occasion and that could represent a solid starting point for an analysis of your team skills by our professionals.

Furthermore, the result of this activity will be a terrific piece of artwork that you can showcase at your premises to remind everyone what they achieved.





to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.


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