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Is it possible to create bridges, towers and other architectural structures using the classical Italian Pasta? How many pounds can hold up a bridge made of spaghetti?

As often happens a simple game hides a high organizational commitment, careful planning and teamwork skills.

The team building spaghetti tower is not an activity to take too lightly if you don’t want to come across catastrophic collapses. All the basic features of the team building occur in this challenge.

Planning the work, division of tasks, participation in a shared project are aspects involved to succeed in this project.

The highest tower ever made during our event measures an impressive 1.52 meters height and has held up to its top a chocolate egg for more than a minute.

The activity is perfectly suited for events with little time available or to have a fun time before the business dinner.

Many variations are possible around your very own needs and peculiarities:

  • A challenge of different groups (in situations like a dinner party) ;

  • A unique project shared by each and every participant, aiming to achieve the creation of an ambitious structure (why not the representation of a famous building?) ;


Yours are the choice and the opportunity to unleash your architectural ambition. Get ready!


to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.



team evente spaghetti tower
Spaghetti Tower building
team building spaghetti
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