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Did you ever asked yourself how could it be to be completely isolated for some time, just you and your colleagues?

This challenging team building will definitely test you nerves. You and your team will need good communication skills together with empathy. Coordination and cooperation are the keywords to accomplish this mission!


to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.





You will learn by having fun (in a controlled and safe environment) to cope with unexpected situations where your life could be put at risk and to adopt the best solution to get things back to normal or under control, learning to count on yourself and on their abilities and learning how to exploit the resources of the surrounding environment. A hiker who gets lost in a forest, a careless mushroom digger, a survivor of a plane crash, an individual in search of their roots and the rediscovery of nature are just some of the cases in which Survival could be useful and necessary. You will immerse yourself fully in Nature and you will learn to use what it provides you to survive, learning to use specific survival techniques in full respect of Nature and those who live there.

Our Courses represent a totally stimulating and engaging training tool aimed at learning strategic survival and self-rescue techniques in critical conditions; development of cooperative and individual skills and development of problem solving skills - which leads participants to learn in a direct and immediate way and to rely on all their resources to achieve individual and common goals, accelerating the normal learning process.


Every resource will be important!

Each person will have a task and a role!

Success will only be achieved by cooperating!


You will learn how to build your shelter using natural elements, to light the fire with primitive methods, to cook your food and to build tools of wood and stone, to find and to potabilize water, to build rudimentary traps, to orient with and without compass, to signal your position and to help a wounded man and much more - all done with a pinch of competitiveness, with the division into teams and with a final score.

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