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Will you be able to evolve?

An innovative event born from our experience in “Survival team building” events.


Leave, for one day, the sophisticated corporate world of your workplace and go back to the Stone Age.

It’s you guys and the Nature. What will your first actions to protect your own survival be?


Two or more teams, located in different places within the area designated, will have to try to tame Nature and build up the necessary structures to survive and thrive.

Resources are limited, though, as is Time; what strategy will you implement to get the necessary conditions in a satisfactory amount of time?
How will you engage the other teams in the competition for the scarce resources? Will you prefer a collaborative or warring approach?


Communication, problem solving, resource management, breakdown of complex tasks, team working…

This and several other skills will be necessary to proceed along the evolutionary states that will lead you guys to earn the title of TRIBE.


to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.


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