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anni 70 building
anni 70 team building

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Are you a fashion lover? Would you like to be born in the roaring 70s? Unfortunately we cannot change the past, but we can revive it! If you have to organize an original party, fun and innovative, why not be inspired precisely by those wonderful years? Tony Manero and Saturday Night Fever will be a distant memory! In your company you won’t talk of nothing but your party for a long time! Follow our hints and you won’t regret it!


We recreate with this team building the mythical 70s to animate your incentive dinner or a splendid themed corporate event.

Delivered material, participants will create their feast 70s.

The colors, the harmony and lots of music will spice up this wacky team building.


This event is highly recommended for incentive trips and a themed night as a result of team building.


to learn more about our recreational approach to team coaching and team development.

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